Episode Three And Four

Toilet Duty

Starring: Jolene and Amy


Inmates Jolene and Amy were on Toilet Duty and when the Warden inspected their work, He found them laughing and joking instead of cleaning. He took them both into the open area of the prison and He spanked them both soundly where every inmate could see. He then told them to clean the toilets properly or it's another sore bottom before lights out!

In part two Warden Johnson inspected the toilet but it was not clean. He told inmates Jolene and Amy to be in punishment position two 15 minutes before lights out. This meant they had to lay over the edge of the top bunk in their cell, bottoms bare. The warden showed up on time and gave them both a good paddling. They both slept on their stomachs that night.

Part One


Full HD Video And Gallery Uploaded on 14.05.2014

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part two

Part Two

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